Our Awesome Insurance Covers....

Mechanical Damage

We’ll cover your gadget against damaged buttons, touchscreen failure, audio jack failure, electrical short circuit, and charging port failure

Liquid Damage

Nothing attracts water quite easily like high-tech gadgets, and when this happens you will be covered.

Accidental Damage

Accidents happens causing smashed or damaged screen. But when they happen, our insurance cover gives you financial reassurance.

Old and New Gadgets

We will cover both your newly purchased gadgets and old gadgets of up to 6 months.

Repairs and Replacements

We will not only pay out claims on your gadgets, we will also repair your damaged gadgets and replace the gadgets damaged beyond repairs.

Complete Protection For Really Low Premium

Our prices are really low because we operate a fully automated and Artificial Intelligent-AI powered process which drives down our operating cost and allows us provide insurance for as low as #200 per month

Our Awesome Policy Benefits

Instant cover for your things

Cash-back when claims free

Unlimited claims benefit

1st-class rated gadget repair service

Reliable Insurance carrier backing

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